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Building Ourselves
Becoming Our Best

MySelf Builder Digital Workshop provides coaching and mentoring support for individuals who want to develop successful habits, get an advantage, and feel their best. 

Our Services

Our Services

Personalized, interactive, digital workshops designed for you.


We will help you construct a blueprint that outlines strategies to reach the next level of success. 


Our custom digital workshops provide the motivation and support that individuals need to accomplish their goals. 


Does your child need help with turning in work on time, making schedules, or long-term planning? 

New Web Series

MySelf Builder Digital Dialog aims to inspire and empower people. 

Our new children's book is available now.

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"My kids loved The Builder in Me.
It captured their attention from beginning to end."

Pre-K Teacher
Winston-Salem, NC

Customize Your Theme

Once you contact us and share how MySelf Builder can assist you, we'll design your digital workshops. Here are a few examples of some that we are constructing:

Construct a personal script, develop your public speaking skills and more during this newsworthy session that's designed to help you grab headlines.


Are you advancing to another grade level, thinking about college, considering a different career path, or unsure of what direction to go in next? We’ll explore some options. The road is yours. Let’s drive!


If a movie could be made about your life, what would it look like? Get ready to direct this digital workshop that's sure to earn you a standing ovation. You can also try our self-paced course.


Wins and losses - important lessons can come from both. We'll discuss, review, and reflect on ways to define resiliency and rebound.

How can we work to overcome challenges and obstacles? Let's develop a playbook with some routes that will get you to the end zone.


Games are fun. They also take patience, strategy and practice to be successful. Let's explore the strengths we develop through gaming.


Do you know the definition of the word "friend?" How can a friend provide support and encourage you to be successful? We'll discuss ways to build strong friendships. 


You've worked hard and have several accomplishments. Let's highlight your strengths and celebrate your success.

Let's Build Together

Contact us to schedule a free 15-minute introductory session to determine which services you want. We are here to help you build and look forward to speaking with you.  

Donate Now

Join us in helping others reach their goals.


Thank you for your donation!

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